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Never stop believing precious penguin boy

screencap meme: hawkeye + objects

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“‘Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold …’” I murmured. “Are you quoting Yeats now?” she asked incredulously, lifting her head slightly. “That poem’s about apocalyptic visions and World War One.” “I know.” “You have some very strange post-sex poetic choices.”

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Pushing Daisies - This show ruined my life

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The sun was gone, and the sky was full of stars. So many. She leaned her back against a fluted pillar and wondered if her brother was looking at the same stars tonight, wherever he might be. Do you see the white one, Quentyn? That is Nymeria’s star, burning bright, and that milky band behind her, those are ten thousand ships. She burned as bright as any man, and so shall I. You will not rob me of my birthright!

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Hooked On A Feeling / 41,790 plays
- Blue Swede
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guardians of the galaxy was so awesome guys

so good

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"I wanted to show that this poor guy is trapped by shadows, and she’s stuck in the light. And the hand that reaches out to touch her isn’t even a human hand anymore.” - Iain McCaig

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Magnificent 19th-Century Library Shelves 350,000 Books

Feast your eyes on the elegant grandeur of the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (known in English as the Royal Portuguese Reading Room or the Royal Cabinet), a 19th-century library in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Constructed from 1880 to 1887 under the direction of architect Rafael da Silva e Castro, the magnificent library has the distinction of holding the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal, with over 350,000 volumes filling its countless bookshelves.