fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)

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i won’t tell you that my voice is your favorite sound.

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The tattoo is just setting below his hIp bone.

H e l l  i s  e m p t y

a n d  a l l  t h e  d e v i l s  a r e  h e r e

I kiss my way across the words.
Kissing away the devils.
Kissing away the pain.

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clint barton, ladies and gentlemen. the ever-unchanging clint barton.

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Where does Sansa find her strength? I think that she finds her strength in that she’s a stark, and the Starks are very loyal and altogether very strong. She finds her strength in that and the motivation to see her family again…And knowing that her parents would want her to, you know, go on, carry on with her head held high.
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All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here.”

Homage to Catelyn Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Been staving off a cold again but here is a commission of dearest alphonse and some wee cats. Also added a little bit of alphonse mucha influence because i’m very, very easily amused.

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gold and silver

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